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Tri-State Black Pride Events Begin Thursday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - This year's Tri-State Black Pride fest is bringing people together to support the LGBT community, as Pride month continues across the country. Everything starts Thursday night at the Civil Rights Museum.

The opening ceremony begins with a conversation about ending the stigma. In the spirit of MLK50, organizers saw it fitting to have a discussion on injustices within the LGBTQ community.

Here's what else is on the agenda:

Friday there will be health and wellness sessions, focusing on HIV and Aids, along with a job fair at the Crown Plaza Hotel, in Downtown Memphis. Both the sessions and the job fair continue into Saturday afternoon, and are free and open to the public.

Organizers have also created their first basketball tournament, which will be at Davis Community Center on Spottswood Avenue Saturday and Sunday.

To bring it to a close on Sunday, there's going to be a church service at Cathedral of Praise Church of Memphis Inc. on South Prescott, and Pride in the Park at Court Square Park on Main Street in Downtown Memphis.

Organizers say there is still negativity that surrounds their community, so all of these events are geared toward getting people involved and aware.

"It's a lot of stigma around being LGBT, especially in being Black and Brown here in Memphis, TN. We are focusing on ending the stigma and being intentional on being unapologetic in who we are. We want to let our Caucasian sisters and brothers know this is not a Black only event. Everyone is welcome, the beloved community," says Dr. Davin Clemons, co-founder of Tri-State Black Pride.

"When the people from the LGBTQ community, as well with the allies, the purpose, and the intentions, this will be the result. The impact we have will not just be on our community, but also on the world in the work that we are doing," says Dr. Darnell Gooch Jr., co-founder of Tri-State Black Pride.

For a complete list of Tri-State Black Pride events, CLICK HERE.


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