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TVA Announces $1 Million Grant For MLGW's "Share The Pennies" Program

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - With the controversy about purchasing multi-million dollar helicopters fresh on everyone's minds, the Tennessee Valley Authority Wednesday announced a big investment in MLGW’s "Share the Pennies” program to help low-income families save on energy bills.

TVA is investing $1 million. All MLGW customers automatically have their bills rounded up to the nearest dollar unless they opt out. That money helps folks weatherize their homes.

The TVA grant allows up to $8,000 per weatherization project.

MLGW Share the Pennies’ impact goes well beyond helping homeowners save energy.

“This is not only going to help our customers who have homes that badly need repair and weatherization, it's also going to create jobs for people who will be doing the weatherization,” said MLGW Director of Corporate Communications Gale Jones Carson.

The next application period for the home weatherization program is this summer. MLGW expects to release more information soon on how customers can sign up.


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