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Two Men Arrested For Attempted Murder In Craigslist Robbery

MEMPHIS, TN - Memphis police have arrested two men who police say shot a couple trying to buy a car.

Randy Arnett, 24, and Jackie Spears, 25, are charged with attempted aggravated assault, attempted first-degree murder and possession of marijuana. 

Investigators said the shooting happened in the 4600 block of St. Elmo and the victims, a man and a woman, ended up at 3711 Austin Peay in Raleigh.
Police said the couple was trying to buy a car when the suspects shot them before the transaction could happen.

For nearly 15 years, this neighborhood near St. Elmo and Merritt has been a place that Emma Brazelton has called home...

"Everything was blocked off," said Emma Brazelton, who lives near robbery scene.

An active scene just yards away from her front door...

"I was terribly frightened. Nothing like this has happened since I've been here."

Police say two people from out of town came to Memphis thinking they were going to meet here to buy a car for sale on craigslist.

Instead they were shot.

Setting off a frantic search for clues and suspects that included the initial crime scene...

The Raleigh Post Office where the victims were found...

Then to the 1400 block of Haywood: the front door of these two men.

Jackie Spears and Randy Arnette.

Brazelton is searching for a peace of mind and an end to what she calls senseless violence.

"I do know there's crime all over these united states but when it hits home like this, it's scary. It shakes you. You nap, go to sleep, you wake up thinking about it again."

The victims were taken to Regional One in non-critical condition.


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