Two Women Charged After Shooting Teens Over Stolen Car

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Two women were arrested in connection to a deadly Christmas Eve shooting in Orange Mound, reportedly over a stolen car.

Melissa Harwell and Tamberlin Rivers were booked in the Shelby County Jail for second degree murder and criminal attempt second degree murder.

A 19-year-old was killed and an 18-year-old was reported to be in critical condition after the shooting at an Orange Mound store.

Security video at the No-It-All store on Park Avenue and Haynes showed a white Dodge Charger involved in the shooting, speed away after a shootout.

The video showed the suspects chasing after it.

A witness who did not want to be identified said he was talking with the 19-year-old moments before he was shot.

“That hurt me real bad because I’m you know wrasslin’ one minute, talking and kickin’ it and the next minute he’s dead. It was hard to believe,” said the witness.

Memphis Police said when they responded Melissa Harwell and Tamberlin Rivers told them they were involved in the shooting and licensed to carry.

Harwell told police her Dodge Charger was stolen, and when she heard it was on Park Avenue she and Rivers confronted 4 men inside the car when one of the men started shooting.

Harwell and Rivers shot back.

“I mean it all happened so fast,” recalled the witness.

Police said the Charger sped off and crashed near Pendleton and Supreme when the people inside tried to run away.

“He was right there, that’s who I went to you know for anything. If I wanted to talk to somebody I talk to him,” said a man who claimed the 19-year-old who was killed, was his brother, Rockey, “He don’t steal no car, maybe somebody he with probably stole the car but that man didn’t steal no car. He was just probably in there wanted to drive or something.”

According to police, the other two people in the charger than crashed were not hurt.

Harwell and Rivers were scheduled to be in court Tuesday morning.

Bond was set at $350,000 for each woman.

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