University of Memphis Football Player Charged With Rape

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A University of Memphis Football player has been released from the team after he was arrested and charged with rape Saturday morning. 

The University of Memphis released senior Defensive End Earnest Suttles from the team Saturday afternoon following his arrest at his home. 

The Office of Student Accountability is investigating the alleged rape that Memphis Police say happened off campus. 

Local 24 News spoke to a neighbor who was stunned. 

“It’s very shocking and sad and terrible,” said Tina Traylor of Neighbor. 

That was the consensus of the people who live on Douglass Avenue after Memphis Police swarmed a home on Douglass Avenue Saturday morning to arrest Suttles. 

“I’m not 100 percent sure what happened this morning or last night, but I know the accused person, and he’s a really great guy. And I’m very shocked and sadden to hear that something could have happened,” said Marianne Spengler. 

Suttles, a crucial player for the University of Memphis football team’s defensive line is facing a rape charge for an incident investigators say happened at his home. 

“I’m very proud at whoever the victim is for actually coming out and speaking about this, especially what happened on campus the last time somebody talked about rape,” Alexandria Broadanx, a Sophomore at the University of Memphis said. 

Earlier this week, a student on U of M’s campus told police she didn’t feel well after drinking at a frat party so a friend, who was a member of the frat, took her to his home in Arlington. That’s where she says she was assaulted. She also says she was assaulted 20 days later, also at an off campus apartment.

The university is still investigating. The Department of Athletics announced Saturday Suttles has been released from the football team. 

“We’ve had guys who have made some mistakes,” said Mike Norvell, University of Memphis Football team head coach.  “We’ve had things that have obviously have come out that are embarrassing to our football team, but at the end of the day we stand for the right things.”

This is second arrest of a U of M football player in the last month. In September, Memphis Police arrested Shaun Rupert for burglary and robbery. 

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