WEB EXTRA: DeSoto County Students Pay Tribute To 9/11

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It started with the Pledge of Allegiance at the first Parent Advisory Council, or PAC meeting, of this school year held at DeSoto County Schools Central Services Boardroom in Hernando, Mississippi.

“They typically meet once per semester and that’s what today was. And they used the date, the fact that it landed on 9/11 to do this ceremony. It was their decision to do it,” said DCS Chief Operations Officer, Rob Chase.

The PAC meeting was packed with parents, DeSoto County School teachers and administrators, and students representing each school.

The meeting was made into a tribute for 9/11.

DCS Federal Programs Director, Carol Ingram said, “We just thought this would be a great opportunity to bring everybody together to commemorate and to say thank you to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Students wrote letters to fallen first responders who ran into the twin towers that dreadful day 17 years ago to rescue others.

“The letters are about saying thank you for risking your life, for giving your life, just so others may live. You know, it’s because of them that we have so many generations are able to continue on,” Ingram said.

Students were called, one by one, to place their letter in a time capsule. The DeSoto Central High School Choir serenaded the crowd as the capsule was buried at DCS central services.

“We have a generation of students now in our schools who weren’t alive for 9/11, so it’s going to be up to us, like in anything else, to teach the students what happened that day and what is the lasting impression for it,” said Chase.

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