WEB EXTRA: Hernando Middle School Students Are Spreading Kindness Each Morning

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A small group of Hernando Middle School students are making a huge difference and it isn’t costing them a dime.

“Kindness is like butter. The earth is toast. You have to spread it around,” said 7th grader Cody Eaton.

These four students at Hernando Middle School are working to spread it on thick. They’ve been arriving at school super early, as in 6:30am early. Their goal is to personally greet each and every student who walks through the doors.

“One time every morning someone has said, ‘hey why are you doing this?’ And I think it’s nice for other people to know that you don’t have to have a reason to be kind, you just have to do it and make someone’s day,” said 8th grader Bethany Wilder.

“It makes me feel great. I mean you’re making someone’s day or you’re just making their life better, just by giving them a hug, giving them a smile,” said 8th grader Rose Stafford.

“I just wanna make kids feel like they actually mattered and let them know someone cared about them and they’re worth my time. And they should have someone know about them and care about them,” said 8th grader Peyton Rials.

The meet and greet is a small part of a big plan at Hernando Middle.

With the help of teachers Lindsey Jones and Cheryl Scott, “Hernando Middle School Community Awareness Club” is officially up and running, and ready to recruit others. The club is open to all teachers and students who want to help spread kindness in the classroom and in the community.

“Just trying to build that positive school culture helps the kids succeed more academically, athletically, socially. And it just cuts down on some of the lack of empathy that they may have towards others of people who are different than them,” said club sponsor and teacher Lindsey Jones.

“Exactly. It’s very, it’s interesting to see how they respond to peers telling them these positive things and not just it being a teacher or a principal, but it’s somebody that they can really relate to,” said club sponsor and teacher Cheryl Scott, “… And see that they have the same issues going on and same conflicts but yet they’re able to really fellowship over those things and say how can we make each other and help each be better people.”

“Ever since first grade my mom has been telling me to go make the world a better place. And I just haven’t had the chance to do that but once I heard about this club I decided I could go ahead and make the world a better place,” said Eaton. “So, Go mom! Go mom! Go mom. Whoooooo!”

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