WEB EXTRA: Meet Ernest “Eddie” Spenser, The Pink Palace’s Volunteer Of The Year

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Earlier this summer, the Pink Palace named Ernest Spenser, better known as “Eddie”, their volunteer of the year. Once you meet him, you can tell he is far from ordinary.

Born just outside of Detroit on July 25th, 1920, Eddie has worn many hats at the Pink Palace over the years. He’s been a train conductor for the Pink Palace Crafts Fair, and even taught a taxidermy class.

But Eddie is best known for his stories as a member of the United States Fifth Army during World War II. He served 39 months in northern Africa and Italy.

Ernest “Eddie” Spenser said, “I’ll never forget the time I was down in a dry river bed and I was dug into the bank and I was caught out in the open. The Germans were shelling us. I tried pulling grass with my hands. I’ll never forget that, digging with my fingers. Trying to get underground.”

Eddie earned numerous medals and patches because of his service, but one honor sticks out; his Presidential commendation from President Harry Truman.

Eddie says doesn’t mind sharing his stories and loves answering questions.

He plans to volunteer at the Pink Palace for the rest of his life.

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