Whitehaven Community Outraged After 14-Year-Old Girl Shot & Killed

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The Whitehaven community is outraged after two teens were shot Sunday, just hours apart. One of the victims is 14-year-old Gabby Harris.  Family members say she was killed while washing dishes in the kitchen.  

Whitehaven community leaders say they’ve had enough, and they are tired of seeing their youth gunned down for no apparent reason.  The latest pair of shootings have them on edge, and the scary part, the shooters are still out there. 

“She was at home in her own comfort zone, stray bullet strikes her, and it takes her life,” said Commissioner Eddie Jones, who represents the Whitehaven community. 

Commissioner Jones didn’t just lose a constituent. His own daughter attended Whitehaven High School with Harris. 

“Too many of our young babies are being lost through all of this violence, it makes no sense,” Jones explained. 

Memphis Police say someone opened fire at the home on Lydgate and the bullets struck Harris.  The killing has caused the neighborhood to worry about their own families.  

“I have four children, and you wonder at any time, you’re going to get that phone call, or someone is telling you that situation,” said Corey Parker who lives doors down from where this shooting happened. 

Harris’ former teacher describes Gabby as a very sweet, smart young lady, who never got into any trouble. 

Less than three hours before she was shot, someone shot another teen just two miles away at this home on West Shelby Drive.  Memphis Police say at last check, that teen is in critical condition. 

Commissioner Jones says he wants to see more progress in his community and less killings. 

“It saddens me. It saddens me that we’ve not done enough to address this problem, because it’s ongoing on a continuous basis. It’s this child this day, tomorrow it may be another child, and so we’ve got to do more,” Jones said. 

So far, no arrests have been made in either shooting.  If you have any information call Memphis Police or Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH. 

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