Whitehaven Elementary Celebrates World Edible Insect Day

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Friday is World Edible Insect Day, and a special event was held at a local elementary school to mark the occasion.

Students at Whitehaven Elementary have been studying insects all month as part of their STEM classes. Friday morning, principal Tommy Elliott joined other school administrators to eat bugs in front of the students.

The menu included BBQ mealworms, cheddar cheese larvets worms, and chocolate-covered crickets.

The chairwoman of the Shelby County School Board, Shante Avant, says the lesson helped students better understand people from other cultures.

“It also teaches our kids things outside of just their three-mile radius,” says Avant. “These are things that are happening all over the world and they should know and understand other cultures that are different from us. How they use bugs as a way of protein and nourishment.”

By the way, Avant was among those who tried the bugs. She said the cricket was surprisingly good

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