Whitehaven High & MUS Gear Up For TN State Championship Games To Air On CW30

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Two Memphis high school football teams are headed to the state championship in Cookeville, Tennessee. You can watch the games on our sister station CW30. Whitehaven High School and Memphis University School (MUS) are playing for the state championship title Thursday and Friday.

Local 24’s Tish Clark met up with the head coaches and players for both teams to talk about the hype.

The coaches and players are so excited, yet humbled. So much so that some of them were at a loss for words. They are ready, though, to take on their opponents, and they’re grateful for all the community support.

“It’s bigger than just us guys on the team. It’s for the community. For Memphis,” says Whitehaven High player Tyler Hunter.

“Everybody is walking around and giving a little nudge saying good luck Friday! Yes, there’s definitely a lot of people talking about it. Definitely,” says MUS QB Sellers Shy.

Star football players for Whitehaven High School and MUS say playing for the state championship is exciting and it’s an honor. But they’re trying to stay focused.

“Just acting like it’s a very normal week. Keep the emotions just calm and not everybody get too carried away,” says Shy.

“A lot of people don’t realize that this football team is the glue that holds this community together. You gotta give something for the Whitehaven community to look forward to,” says Hunter.

Whitehaven and MUS head coaches say this week has been like any other. No long or special practices, they want their players to work hard yet have fun, and they want to make their communities proud.

“It’s family-oriented, community-oriented. So Whitehaven, it bleeds through us, so if you cut me I bleed black and gold and all of us will say that. It’s a true testament of what we want for our community,” says Whitehaven Head coach Rodney Saulsberry.

“If you got good players and they’re a team of character then you’ve got a chance,” says MUS head coach Bobby Alston.

You can watch both championship games on our sister station CW30. Whitehaven plays Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. MUS plays Friday night at 7:00 p.m.

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