Woman Injured Along Southern Avenue After Rock Smashes Window

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A Memphis woman is warning drivers to be cautious while driving along Southern Avenue in the U of M Area. The warning comes after someone threw a rock at her moving car on December 6th.

“We had a great night,” said Teresa Gifford. “We were just having some conversation on the way home.”

Gifford told Local 24 she was riding home with her sister following a Janet Jackson concert at the FedEx Forum. The mood quickly changed around 11:30 that night.

“It took one second,” she said. “The window shattered, and I just felt hot excruciating pain to the right side of my head. My sister and I thought we had been shot.”

Teresa’s sister quickly pulled into this fire station on Southern Avenue near Prescott for help. 

“She laid on the horn,” said Gifford. “Firefighters were right there.”

Turns out a rock was the cause of all the panic. It was found in the back of the car when detectives arrived on scene. 

“The rock was thrown from the railroad track that was probably not 20 feet from my car,” said Gifford. 

Memphis Police suspect someone threw the rock at the moving car while it was driving down the road.

The police report states Gifford’s sister was driving eastbound along Southern Avenue near Prescott when the incident occurred. The rock shattered the passenger side window, hitting Gifford in the head. She had to go to the hospital and receive stitches. 

Tuesday night, she spoke out, warning other drivers about people throwing rocks at cars.

“The most important part about this interview is to let people know that this is going on,” she said. “Please be cautious. Maybe take an alternative route. Central Avenue. Go over to Park. I don’t know, but stay off that road please.”

She also had strong words for the person or persons responsible.

“You could have killed me,” she said. “If you’re throwing rocks into a moving vehicle, at a moving vehicle, there are people, there are human beings in a vehicle. You’re taking a chance on hurting somebody.”

Police are investigating this as a simple assault case. If you have information about this case or similar instances of rocks being thrown at cars you’re asked to give police a call, or you can call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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