You Will Soon See Trolleys Downtown, But Won’t Be Able To Ride Them… Yet

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Memphis trolleys are coming back. June will mark the third year of no trolley service. Thursday, officials released new information. Local 24’s Mike Matthews reports, you will see them on the streets in the next several weeks.

You won’t be able to ride them, but you’ll see them.

The yellow trolley could hit the streets now. Others are being repaired.

They will need six cars ready to restart the Main Street line.

Everything has to be checked, and thousands of pages of paperwork are needed to meet federal guidelines.

That’s why when you see them in several weeks, they won’t have passengers.

“We’ve got several months of work yet to go. The first cars that hit the street, that will actually be on the rails, will be testing service. They have to operate in revenue like service for weeks before getting safety certified,” says Gary Rosenfield of MATA.

If you remember, two trolleys caught on fire. That’s why the service was shut down.

Their main goal is to have the safest trolley service in the country, with passenger service hopefully starting by the end of the year.

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