Memphis nonprofit changes policy to require job board postings to pay $15/hour


MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( — As the fight for $15 conversation continues to heat up in Memphis, a local non-profit jobs board made a move to require a $15 minimum wage to post on its site.

Momentum Nonprofit Partners is located in Cooper-Young. The organization works with hundreds of Mid-South non-profits on training, resources and public policy.

Its site is also a resource for those organizations looking for employees. For 15 years, Momentum Nonprofit Partners has operated a jobs board page.

So far in 2019, more than 100 organizations have posted jobs on the board.

Momentum CEO Kevin Dean says the organization supports at least a $15 hourly wage. That conversation of higher wages is a narrative building in Memphis and nationally.

However, Dean says they started to notice the job postings didn’t reflect that stance.

“There’s a national conversation happening about what a living wage actually is for people and in that conversation we were realizing that we were getting a lot of job postings from non-profits that were well below $15 an hour. That’s not fair to the non-profit. That’s not fair to the employee,” says Dean.

He says they hope they can start a conversation about increasing pay in the non-profit world, a sector often known to be low-paying.

“We made the decision that we need to be apart of the solution instead of part of the problem and really stop perpetuating a scarcity mindset there’s enough to go around and we need to make sure that our non-profit employees are able to affect the change they are paid to do,” he says.

Dean says he also advocates to organizations that by increasing pay they can lower turnover rates and keep employees in the non-profit sector.

Since changing Momentum’s policy, Dean says they haven’t had to turn away a job posting yet.

The policy change has garnered attention nationally within non-profits. It’s been posted on non-profit blogs. Dean says the response has been positive.

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