Tennessee Task Force One travelling to Florida to help with hurricane aid

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Tennessee Task Force One will be going to Florida to help any hurricane victims as hurricane Dorian viciously moves in.

They were requested to deploy at 2:30pm Friday and needed to be on the road by 6:30pm. They have been requested to be stationed at Miami International Airport.

The task force will be responsible for wide area search and rescue efforts and swift water rescue. Eighty firefighters, doctors, canine holders, and engineers from across Shelby County will be a part of it.

As Dorian quickly moves in, Chief Thomas Beasley, safety officer for the task force, said they are ready to assist in any way. 

“We’ll provide whatever resources they need,” Beasley said. “Water rescue, large area search, and our big component is building collapse. So, if one of the large structures down there collapses we can within minutes we can be ready and work and begin rescue efforts.”

This is Beasley’s 18th deployment, and he said the task force is always ready for any natural or man-made disaster that affects anyone across the country. 

“We really enjoy the opportunity to help somebody else,” Beasley said. “You go to another city and you affect somebody’s life.”

Beasley said helping a community that needs help is something the task force does not think twice about. They know if they needed help that the favor would be returned. 

“It’s nice to see somebody coming to help,” Beasley said. “So, we know that locally here that some type of earthquake happened which would be a catastrophe in Memphis we would know that there would be 26 other teams that would be coming to help us.”

Members of the task force know that the disasters they see are devastating but said it is great to know that they can help someone. 

“It’s a tremendous blessing if you will to go somewhere else and give that response,” Beasley said.

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