Ohio daughter calls 911 to ‘order pizza’ as code to alert police to domestic violence situation involving her mother


Police credit the quick-thinking of the dispatcher who took the call that lead to the arrest of the suspect.

OREGON, Ohio — Dispatcher: Oregon 911.

Caller: I would like to order a pizza at — Bickle Road.

Dispatcher: You called 911 to order a pizza?

Caller: Uh, yeah. Apartment…

Dispatcher: This is the wrong number to call for a pizza.

Caller: No, no, no, no, no, you’re not understanding.

Dispatcher: I’m getting you now.

This was a 911 call Oregon police responded to last week. 

The woman who called 911 asked for a pizza, which is a disguise used when someone is in a domestic violence situation and is not in a position to speak freely to police.

The moment this dispatcher learned the woman who made the call was asking for help because her mother was being assaulted, he sprang into action.

The dispatcher then asked if the suspect was still there and asked if medical help was needed as well.

After the victim’s daughter hung up the phone, the dispatcher alerted police to the situation.

“Turn your sirens off before you get there,” the dispatcher advised the responding officers. “The caller ordered a pizza.”

Oregon Police Chief Michael Navarre credits the quick-thinking of the dispatcher with officers being able to respond and arrest 56-year-old Simon Lopez, the suspect in the situation.

“It really shows the quality of the dispatchers that we have doing the job; it brings up a lot of awareness to the issues to domestic violence,” said Chief Navarre. “There are some dispatchers that would have hung up.”

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