Northaven residents say their street is a danger zone with illegal dumping


MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – In Northaven, at the very end of McWhirter Avenue is a little dead-end street. There are no homes on this street. It resembles a landfill.

The dead-end streets of Northaven have been magnets for trash for years; couches, appliances, chairs. The big stuff usually ends up right next to the illegal dumping signs.

Vanessa Hill says it’s happening again.

“There were TVs, couches, trash of all kinds,” she said. “Tree limbs, all of that was back there.”

This is worse. We found household garbage, bits of food, used prophylactics, and other types of medical waste.

All of this within walking distance for the children who live right around the corner.

Katesha Tate says it is happening all the time – people using the neighborhood to get rid of their junk.

“We saw one the other day right over here” she said. “The car literally pulled up, and within 20 seconds he was gone, but when he came back through all the trash was gone off his car.”

Others on the McWhirter Avenue say they often see pickup trucks loaded with trash bags head down their street. When they come back, the trucks are empty.

The folks we spoke with say they have called Shelby County officials.

“We’ve called” Vanessa Hill said. “We’ve called. It just seemed like the past couple of weeks it has gotten real bad. It’s worse than it has ever been.”

Northaven is a place where life can be a challenge. A working class place. Most of the homes are in pretty good shape.

Residents must pay to have trash removed as Shelby County does not provide that service.

Katesha Tate says in spite of calls and complaints, McWhirter has become a one-way street when it comes to all of this garbage.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom,” she said. “I’m always here and I’ve never seen anyone go down there to try and pick that stuff up.”

We have let officials with Shelby County know about the problem.

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