President Trump’s former campaign manager testifies during investigation into impeachment


WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to testify as part of their investigation into impeachment.

Before the hearing, Lewandowski tweeted his support for the President and during opening statement said there has been no collusion or conspiracy only harassment of the President. The hearing quickly dissolved into a political circus, and Congressman Steve Cohen was one of the ring leaders.

“You don’t think it would have been illegal for you to ask Mr. Sessions to drop the investigation and to just go on to future presidents and omit everything with this president and go, ‘ollie ollie in free’ we’re going start with the next one about colluding with Russia? You didn’t think that was illegal to obstruct justice?” asked Rep. Cohen.

“Congressman, the President never asked me to do anything illegal,” replied Lewandowski.

Rep. Cohen replied, “Obviously you’ve never been a judge and won’t be one. All of these people asked you, they gave you dictation, he dictated to you a message to give Sessions. Had you ever been a secretary for the President before and taken dictation or short hand?”

Lewandowski answered, “Many times.”

“Oh, we got your qualifications now. You were a secretary,” said Cohen.

The GOP said Democrats were putting on a show. The President seemed to approve of  Lewandowski’s testimony thanking him for a beautiful opening statement.

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