Ransom Note: under the gun


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – In Thursday’s Ransom Note: under the gun. It happens after every mass shooting: everyone starts talking about changing gun laws.

If you believe the polls, even the strongest supporters of the second amendment are behind legislation mandating background checks, banning weapons of war, and so-called “red flag” legislation which would allow law enforcement to remove guns from people who could hurt themselves or others.

Many of that will be up to the states, which is why it was interesting to me today that governors in both Tennessee and Arkansas — two big pro-gun states — publicly stated they’re willing to at least consider new measures.

Thursday Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said, “Those tragic, heart-breaking events that we look at things seriously in a new light.”

What remains to be seen is, is it just lip service? That is, until the next mass shooting.

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