Sherra Wright To Make Second Court Appearance In Lorenzen Wright’s Murder

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Sherra Wright

UPDATE 2/26/2018 @ 10am: Sherra Wright was formally arraigned Monday.  Blake Ballin & Steve Farese Jr. confirm they are representing her.

A plea of not guilty was entered. 

Wright is scheduled to be back in court on March 19th, along with Billy Turner.


The ex-wife accused of killing former Memphis Tiger and Memphis Grizzlies basketball star Lorenzen Wright is scheduled to be back in a Shelby County courtroom Monday.

Wright is expected to be arraigned on First Degree Murder charges in the 2010 death of her ex-husband.

Authorities indicted and arrested Sherra Wright in December, 2017 in Riverside County, California. 

In January, the prosecutor leading this case said pursuing the death penalty for Sherra Wright is under consideration.

Sherra Wright Dream Team Attorneys

Blake Ballin and Steve Farese Junior are expected to lead Sherra Wright’s defense, with their high-profile attorney fathers also expected on the legal team.

Sherra Wright is accused of plotting and attempting to kill Lorenzen Wright beginning in April 2010, and then having a role in his actual murder in July 2010 in Shelby County.

Attorneys on both sides said after the seven-year Lorenzen Wright cold case, they’re ready to get this case underway.

“Anytime that you are able to finally embark sort of journey for justice for some people, a family that’s waited for that long, is a challenge you are willing to take,” says Paul Hagerman with the Shelby County District Attorney’s office.

 “She’s doing as well as you could expect someone to be doing given the situation that she’s been in,” says Blake Ballin. “She’s been incarcerated, it’s not something she’s used to, it’s not something she’s enjoying, and she like anyone in her position, looks forward to defending herself.”

Billy Ray Turner, also accused in the murder of Lorenzen Wright and who once attended the same church with Sherra Wright, is scheduled in court on March 19.

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