WEB EXTRA: Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews says – “Hey vote, will ya’!”


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – It’s election time, and nobody is voting.

What a surprise.

You know, the famous playwright Tennessee Williams lived in Memphis. If he stayed here, he would have written a play called a Streetcar Named Who Cares?

It would have been about elections.

One has seen a race come alive over the last few weeks, and that remains the talk of people behind the scenes.

Tweets, old tweets coming to light from candidates. It shows the change in politics.

It also shows that those who live by the tweet can see their political careers die by the tweet. And it’s not pretty.

Early voting continues next week. 

There will not be any debates between the big three candidates for Mayor.

Political signs will pop up.

And don’t forget the question at the bottom of the ballot about raising the sales tax by half-a-cent.

Right now, Memphis has the lowest sales tax of any municipality in Shelby County. If the tax is raised by half-a-cent, it is expected to raise $54-million, with the money going to restore retirees’ health benefits, and the pension.

One city councilman, Kemp Conrad, seems to be running a one-man war against the idea, saying it will end up doing nothing its supporters say it will. He says he has facts.

Supporters say they have facts.

Here’s a fact.

You can make a difference, and that’s a solid gold fact. Vote.

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