In local politics, it’s time to get back to work

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This is the latest in a weekly blog by Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews. 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – We often make a joke about holidays.

What do news reporters call Thanksgiving? Thursday.

But this happens to be a big busy time for the politicians.

The Memphis City Council will have to deal with several issues – voting on whether there should be a vote lifting residency requirements for police officers and firefighters, proposed rate hikes for Memphis Light, Gas and Water, a tax break for the new Loew’s Hotel downtown. And they will hear from the Mayor on what the sales tax referendum approval means for police and fire benefits.

This is just about the busiest meeting I’ve ever seen planned.

And it’s all happening as some members of this council say goodbye, and others are waiting to be sworn into office.

Those leaving can now speak their minds. I have seen personalities change with lame duck politicians.

The Barney Fife types sometimes transform into Franklin D. Roosevelt in their last few weeks in office.

But watch to see if any votes are delayed.

It will mean this council doesn’t want to touch anything controversial until the new members come on board.

So after all the hoopla about Game Day – Tuesday, November 5th could be Decision Day, or Pass the Buck Day.

I just have that funny feeling that buck will be passed all over the place.

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