The Students And Teachers Of Perea Pre-School

The children at Perea Pre-School love to learn.
They play on the computer, enjou story time, and sort colors. 
Student Ryan Foote explained his school day, “I draw pictures and I do work time.”
Teacher Valarie Gilliam has been at Perea since the school opened in 1999. She said she her job is rewarding every day: “What I love about teaching is just seeing the children grow. They didn’t know anything, their name. They didn’t know the first letter of their name, And now to see them writing their name.  It just does something for me. They’re ready.  They’re ready to learn and they’re excited about learning.”
Dr. G. Scott Morris of the Church Health Center agrees. He says the children of Perea are a top priority: “Our children are our present.  Our children are the things that bring joy to our life that demonstrate to us what true love really looks like.”
Principal Alicia Norman believes the school plays an essential role in the lives of these children: “I love helping them grow to the level of their potential.  The children and their families – it can be overwhelming sometimes because the challenges are many.  And, some of them are severe.  But, we feel that we are called to really help our families be better.”

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