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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( The track of Barry has shifted towards the West but will still have an impact on the Mid-South.

Heavy rain and storms are possible over the next few days. It was briefly a hurricane and then returned to tropical storms status with 50 mph sustained winds. The outer bands of Barry will felt with moisture coming north into Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Strong storms could start on Sunday could create brief tornadoes along the river for Northwest Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas and southwest Tennessee. 

Rainfall amount could range from 3.6 here in Memphis to near 4 inches in Holly Springs, to over 4 inches in Somerville and almost 3 and half for Dyersburg.

This will be spread out over several days into Wednesday of next week.  There is a flash flood Watch for the local 24 viewing area through Monday at 7 am.

MEMPHIS. Tenn. ( Recently upgraded, Tropical Storm Barry is now Hurricane Barry. 

He’s moving slow at around 6 mph towards central Louisiana coastline, expected to make landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane soon bringing torrential rains, major flooding and putting the Mississippi River at least twice its normal levels.

The good news for the Mid-South is once it makes landfall, it will begin to lose power as it will no longer be fueled by the warm Gulf waters. We are still expecting a major rain event beginning Sunday but, since he is slowing down, the wind threat is lessening.

 We advise that you still charge up and be prepared in the event you did lose power since it will still be breezy, and you know how it goes in this area. Take advantage of the dry weather while you can and prepare, clean out gutters and storm drains to lessen your chance or seeing as much of a flooding impact.

 Once the bands begin to arrive Sunday, the event will continue through Wednesday AM. Flash Flooding will be a concern so please remember and follow the phrase “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” because it could save your life and your property. As the bands move in, there’s will also be a threat of spin up tornados that give little to no warning so, it will be very important that you have ways to receive updates on the situation as it develops.

 A great way to do that is through our Local Memphis app. The Local Storm team will be monitoring around the clock for you to keep you safe and informed. 

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