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Residents in South Memphis concerned about overgrowth and downed power lines

One resident said the streetlights have been out for over a month with very little response from the city.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — In South Memphis, residents are concerned about overgrown trees and grass and downed power lines.

“I keep getting dead ends," AJ Jones, a nearly two-decade resident of Westwood, said. "Either you’re on the list or there’s something else that’s going on that deters them from coming here."

On Little Weaver Ln., there are downed powerlines and grass that looks to be about four to five feet tall that covers parts of the street. 

Jones said despite reaching out numerous times, the issue is getting no attention.

"The last storm that they did some service after was around 2011," Jones said. 

What Jones said what was once a wider two-lane road now has trash, grass and weeds overgrown and shrubbery that covers the sidewalks. Jones also said the streetlights have been out since July. 

"We lost light for our street," Jones said. "We’re not able to move around at night anymore.”

Jones said the outage further limits residents’ and drivers’ visibility and is now a safety concern.

“You can't see down the street; limited sight, limited view," Jones said. “That’s a security thing. Sometimes I like to see somebody coming. You look up and there’s a car coming and that’s all the warning that you get." 

ABC24 reached out to MLGW on Jones' behalf, and they told us they are sending a crew out to investigate.

“I’ll say something today next week, I’ll wait, next I’ll wait,” Jones said. “Perhaps someone else will be encouraged to speak for their area and neighborhood when it comes to overgrowth.”

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