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The Funko Pop capitol! | Knoxville man holds world record holder for largest Funko Pop collection

Guinness World Records said that David Mebane's collection of Funko Pops has grown to more than 7,000 as of November 2020.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Knoxville has plenty of unique spots and buildings that people all over the world travel to see, but that's not the only reason it's such a unique city. It also has a world record holder for the largest Funko Pop collection.

David Mebane earned the Guinness World Record for his collection of 7,095 collectible figures in November 2020. They said that his collection was years in the making — he started building his collection in 2014. Out of all his Funko Pops, they also said 126 are signed.

Although most people may not be able to imagine collecting so many Funko Pops, it's a little easier in Knoxville. Officials said that Tall Man Toys & Comics is the largest distributor of Funko Pops in the Southeast. The store is located in the downtown Knoville area.

"Rejoice Knoxville!" officials at the store said in a post on social media. "You have the largest Funko shop in the southeast and the world record holder! Knoxville is the center of the collecting universe today!"