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It’s time to eat up! Downtown Dining Week starts Monday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) — The 11th annual Downtown Dining Week starts Monday and all week restaurants will have deals designed to get you into t...

MEMPHIS, Tenn.(localmemphis.com) — The 11th annual Downtown Dining Week starts Monday andall week restaurants will have deals designed to get you into the door.

This year, more than 60restaurants in downtown have signed on to participate. That’s ten more than theyear prior. Some businesses are joining for the first time but the increasealso represents the number of new businesses that have opened such as, BarWareand 3rd & Court Diner.

Specials vary by business but many restaurants are offering upthree course meals for $20.19. On top of dinner, some are also doing lunch specialswhich include lunch for $10.19 or two-for-ones for $10.19.

Menus for participatingrestaurants feature staples and new dishes they’ve whipped up.

“Downtown DiningWeek is a great opportunity to showcase what you do best. We try to work withthe restaurants to help them put together menus that give people a really easytaste of going in and understanding what that restaurant is,” Deni Reilly,Co-Founder of Downtown Dining Week and owner of the Majestic Grille, said.

Restaurants will alsohave wine and cocktail specials featuring Copolla wines, Tangueray gin,Herradura Tequila and Old Dominick’s.

For example, MajesticGrille will have a Memphis Toddy Milk Punch and a Cranberry Spiced Spritzer.

One of the newly openedrestaurants, 3rd & Court Diner of the Across the Board Restaurant Group, ispreparing for its first dining week. During the week, it will offer its dailylunch special at discount of $10.19.

“All the downtownbusinesses really can increase our sales and just highlight the great food inthe Memphis scene,” Mark Pender, Across The Board Director of Operations,Restaurants & Catering, said. “We’re really excited to participate inall of our restaurants. We have 117 Prime that will be doing the nightlyspecial for $20.19 and we’ll be doing it here for $10.19. Our other concept,Sunrise Memphis, on Jefferson, will be doing it as well.”

Reilly said the diningweek offers a marketing opportunity to expose businesses to new eyes or bringback customers who haven’t visited in awhile.

“The prices are solow that it definitely is a marketing exercise. A lot of the restaurants..you’re not going to make a ton of money that week but it is a great marketingopportunity to expose yourself and expose your neighbors,” she said.

They recommend makingreservations where you can, especially the more upscale restaurants, becausethey do anticipate many locations being busy throughout the week.

Reilly also encourages patrons keep in mind gratuity isn’t included in the prices. A full list of the participating restaurants and their menu specials, click here.