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Animal Behavior Hotline To Be Set Up By Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Animal Services Director Alexis Pugh makes no bones about it. An empty shelter would make them happy. It's probably impossible, but they are trying ...
Memphis Animal Services establish animal behavior hotline

It is easy to fall in love with a dog. 
The trouble is, you can fall out of love quick. 
And that’s the problem.

If you can understand the language of barking, you’d be hearing some amazing stories at the animal shelter.
All of those dogs, from pure bred to 100% pure Memphis Mutt, are up for adoption.

New owners are taking new pets home, and suddenly experiencing new problems.
It is why they are planning on setting up a way you can talk with an animal behavior specialist

“There’s a lot of fear-based concerns,” says Memphis Animal Services Director Alexis Pugh, “… that can develop quickly in the transition and our hope is this behavior hotline will help get people through those beginning stage hurdles, the transition period. It’s sort of the opposite of a honeymoon.”

Or it’s just like my honeymoon.

When you look at the things that can drive a new pet owner crazy, there are a lot of things.
All because a dog is nervous, so they act up.

“So,” according to Pugh, “… we’re talking everything from marking in the house, having accidents, to not cooperating on a leash, to destroying things.”

The shelter is setting up this program, after receiving a $5,000 grant.
They’ve never done anything like this before.
It’s all about doing everything possible so a pet is not returned to the center but stays in a loving environment.

 “What we’re looking for,” Alexis Pugh says, “… is to connect these folks who are willing to put in a little effort, to keep the pet with that resource at no cost to them. And what that hopefully means is more pets stay in loving homes, and stay out of the shelter.”

Memphis City Council members will hear more about the grant, and the planned animal behavior specialist hotline, when they meet next week.