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Memphis City Council hosts re-entry program 'Restoration of Rights'

On Saturday, the re-entry department completed over 50 expungements.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The process of expungement can be daunting, but members of the Memphis City Council hoped to make it less so with a "Restoration of Rights."

The event took place Saturday morning in Frayser and focused on allowing certain crimes to be removed from a person's record. It was hosted by councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas. 

She said it's important for the program to be able to offer hope to those looking for second chances.

"We're helping people get their records expunged," Easter-Thomas said. "We want people to go back on the roads as voters; to be able to get those jobs, to be able to have their driver's license instated."

The District 7 representative said the goal was to offer expungement "in a place where it's not intimidating." 

"Nobody is judging you — we are all here to help in support in anyway we can with whatever services we can," she said.

Throughout the day, the re-entry department completed over 50 expungements.

It's important to note however that an expungement can not happen if you have any fines or fees owed.

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