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Southaven Police officer is fighting to 'Tap Cancer Out'

The organization Tap Cancer Out, with the support of Officer Jon Ellis, hopes to raise $75,000 in support of kids fighting cancer.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Southaven police officer is making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer by competing in a jiu-jitsu fundraising competition.

Jon Ellis is one of the fighters in the October BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) open hosted by non-profit organization Tap Cancer Out. Tap Cancer Out works to raise awareness and funds for cancer fighting organizations by empowering the community to create change.

The organization, with the support of Officer Ellis, hopes to raise $75,000 in support of kids fighting cancer.

“I got into jujitsu about five years ago, and I like to compete. I was looking for a competition that helps give back. A local black belt was wearing one of these Tap Cancer Out gis, so it was just my way to kind of give back,” said Officer Ellis. “Cancer has touched in my family, my grandma battled breast cancer, I lost an aunt to colon cancer. It really hits home for me and was something that I felt very strongly about.”

The competition will be on October 21st at the Nashville fairgrounds.

Donate to Ellis' fundraiser HERE.

Learn more about Tap Out Cancer HERE.

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