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Storm victim who lost her car in the storm uses it to help women in the community

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com)- High winds from Wednesday night’s storm caused destruction to power lines, cars, and homes. Memphis Light, Water, and G...

MEMPHIS, Tenn.(localmemphis.com)- High winds from Wednesday night’s storm caused destructionto power lines, cars, and homes.

Memphis Light,Water, and Gas said 40,000 of its customers experienced power outages spanningfrom Tipton County to DeSoto County.

MLGW officials saidit utilized a crisis team to assess damage in affected parts. 

Trisha Henderson isa resident of Binghampton and said a large tree next to her house uprooted fromthe high winds and fell onto both of her cars. 

“Well, last night was a stormy night, wasa rainy night and I went to bed and it was a little before midnight I heard thesound of a strong wind like I never heard before and the power went off,”Henderson said.

The tree was just feet from hitting her house.

“It’s scary looking at this in the daytime because last night I couldn’tsee the extent of the damage,” Henderson said. “But it’s scaryknowing that it could have been worse and could have fallen on my house.” 

Local 24 Newslearned more about her story and found out that she uses her car to help womenwho are on the streets in the Memphis area. 

Ten years ago,Henderson was on the streets as a prostitute and drug addict. 

After years ofwanting to get sober and be there for her kids she found help through theBinghampton Community Church.

She uses hercar to reach these women and inspire them to know they could have a betterlife.

“They need to see the power of God,” Hendersonsaid. “They need to see that if they want to, if they want to becomesober, they want to come off the streets, they need to see that it couldhappen.”

Mary Abram ofBinghampton Community Church said she became close with Henderson when shehelped her get off the streets.

Abram saidHenderson has become like a “sister” to her because of their faithand desire to help others.

“She’s my sister because she loves the same people I do,”Abram said. “She sees the need to help our community and she goes outthere and she does it and that’s our prayer.”

Henderson’sdaughter started a GoFundMe to help her mom get a new car. If you would like tohelp here is the link.