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Sherrie Daly Sues Ex-Husband’s Fiancee

In a DeSoto County, Mississippi courthouse, a different type of case is unfolding. Daly is suing Anna Cladakis, John Daly's fiancee, und...

You have seen the multiple mugshots.Her hair and makeup is perfect in each one.

The charges range from harassing women on social media to failing to get her son to school to going after an ex-boyfriend with a golf club.

Just last week, Sherrie Daly got out of jail after a judge reduced her million dollar bond in connection to a custody case.

What you might not know? Pro golfer John Daly’s ex-wife is also fighting a court battle in Mississippi.

She’s suing her ex-husband’s fiancee, Claiming the woman broke up the Daly’s marriage.

According to the lawsuit,  Anna Cladakis was doing promotional work for Hooters when she met pro golfer John Daly in 2007.

Sherrie Daly’s marriage to John ended in divorce three year later.

“Most people, if they saw and went through what Sherrie went through, they would have loose screws up there too,” said Sherrie’s mother Billie Miller.

Once living the good life as the wife of a pro golfer, friends said she is now is struggling.

“Her name resonates for whatever reason that its newsworthy, but she has also made some choices and made decisions over the last several months that have landed herself in a place no one wants to be, Which is jail,” said her lawyer Mark Mesler.

In a DeSoto County, Mississippi, courthouse, a different type of case is unfolding. Daly is suing Anna Cladakis, John Daly’s fiancee, under what is called the “alientation of affection” law. Mississippi is one of a few states left in the country where the claim can be used.

“I hope she can get everything she can get out of it because they have tortured her absolutely to death,” said Billie Miller.

Sherrie Daly filed the suit in Mississippi because she claims that is where Cladakis and her former husband had an affair.

According to the lawsuit, Cladakis had sex with John Daly on his tour bus while it was parked in the Magnolia State.

The lawsuit claims the encounter was videotaped with Barry White style music playing in the background.

The lawsuit claims it happened again in 2008.

Only six states allow cases like this. Most, including Tennessee, abolished the “alienation of affection” claim decades ago.

John Daly’s fiancee has even gone to the the U.S. Supreme Court attempting to get the suit dismissed.

Sherrie’s mother admits her daughter’s marriage to the pro golfer had its difficulties but blames his new lover.

“They stayed married until she came along,” said Billie Miller.

The case claims Cladakis inflicted emotional distress by filing false reports with the police and human services, causing Sherrie Daly’s utilities to be turned off, and interfered with the education of her child. Sherrie Daly said because of Cladakis, she lost her marital estate, sexual relations, love, and affection.

“Anna just moved in on the husband. You know how that is,” said Alvis Miller, Sherrie’s father.

The attorney for Cladakis did not want to go on camera, but said this case has no merit and none of these people even live in Mississippi.

“She’s really a good friend,” said Jerry Summers.

Summers has heard the stories about the bizarre love triangle and Sherrie’s multiple arrests.

He said shortly after he was injured in a botched back surgery, Daly took him into her home.

“She’s not the villain she is made out to be on TV,” said Summers.

We had hoped to sit down and talk to Sherrie Daly about this. We contacted her and her lawyers several times but they declined our request for an interview.