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Opinion | Sen. Marsha Blackburn wished her friends in Memphis a happy 901 Day. It didn’t go well for her | Richard Ransom

With friends like that for Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who needs enemies? | Richard Ransom

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In Thursday’s Ransom Note: Facebook feedback.

Senator Marsha Blackburn got a whole lot of feedback after she posted on her Facebook account wishing her friends in Memphis a happy #901 day. She received 4,000 comments, more than most any other recently, but it would appear she doesn't have many friends here in the 901.

Brittany Pauline Church said, "Keep our name out of your mouth." Sandra Brown Turner said, "You don't even know where Memphis is, Marsha! your 'friends' are all in 615, 423 and 865." Allan Creasy said, "You're about as popular here as reheated vinegar-based barbecue at a restaurant owned by John Calipari."

There were a few comments standing up for the senator, but it was overwhelmingly pro-901 and anti-Marsha. The 901 is a blue area code, but Sen. Blackburn is an especially polarizing figure. She doesn't visit this side of the state often and even snubbed us by refusing to take part in a Memphis debate in her last election. She may have friends here, but I like what Lewis Martin wondered:  "Maybe she means, 'frenemies?" 

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Wishing my friends in Memphis a happy #901Day!

Posted by Marsha Blackburn on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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