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Meteor passes through Arkansas skies

Hundreds of Arkansans spotted a fiery meteor as it flew through the night skies of the Natural State on Monday.

ARKANSAS, USA — Winter in Arkansas has been anything but predictable-- from freezing rain, followed by 60 degree weather, and now we can add a flashing meteor to the list.

Hundreds of Arkansans spotted the fiery meteor as it flew through the night skies of the Natural State on Monday.

The bright meteor was found soaring through the sky around 7 p.m. on Monday night in the central portion of Arkansas.

Those who noticed the meteor said that it was accompanied with a green sky as the bright ball speedily passed out of view. 

Our THV11 meteorology team believes that this greenish color of the sky is likely due to nickel that was involved with the shooting star as it flew by.

The event was reported by several witnesses and captured on video by surveillance cameras in various locations across central Arkansas including Conway, Camden, Hot Springs, and the Little Rock metropolitan area. 

In addition to the visually stunning display, the meteor was accompanied by a loud boom, likely resulting from its fiery entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

According to the American Meteor Society website, there were at least 98 reports of the fireball sighting made across the mid-South that night.

Ok, want to see something amazing? Caught this meteor on my camera tonight.

Posted by Todd Anderson on Monday, February 6, 2023

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