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USPS investigating after mail stolen from Oakhaven collection box

Some people found out when they received past due balances and late fees for bills they mailed in May.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some residents in Oakhaven are learning their mail was stolen from a post office on Winchester Road. Many found out when they received past due balances and late fees for bills they mailed in May.

Patricia Rogers and Hayes Williamson are demanding answers.

“I just know it has to be a really headache for a lot of people,” said Rogers.

“I’m mad as hell, really,” said Williamson.

In May, Williamson and Rogers mailed bills, using the blue boxes at the U.S. Post Office at 3715 Winchester Rd. Weeks later, they’re learning those checks never made it.

“I mailed two bills on May the 28th to Verizon Wireless, and Memphis Light, Gas and Water,” said Rogers.  “I started getting my monthly bills, and I noticed that there's an unpaid balance, and my antenna went up.”

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“I mailed three different Mastercard payments, credit card payments,” said Williamson. “And they didn't, they never received it.”

After a few phone calls, Rogers finally spoke to a supervisor who told her what happened.

“He said, 'this happened around the last week in May. Someone broke into our blue mailbox, and you are probably one of the victims',” said Rogers.  “He said some people actually had their checks cashed.”

In a statement to ABC24, Susan Link with USPS wrote:

“This is an active investigation, and unfortunately we can not speak about the investigation itself at this time.

We would recommend customers not placing their mail in the blue boxes if:

  1. The box appears to be full or
  2. If it is after the last collection time posted the box.

Instead, we would suggest taking your mail inside the postal facility. For additional recommendations, customers can go to https://www.uspis.gov/tips-prevention/mail-theft.

If customers have discovered their mail has been stolen from one of the collection boxes, please notify us at 1-877-876-2455." 

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