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How the City of Memphis wants you to get ready for Wednesday's severe weather threat

Ahead of Wednesday's threat for severe thunderstorms, Memphis officials announced they're taking action to minimize chances for flooding and debris impact.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There's a good chance severe weather will impact most areas in the Mid-South Wednesday, including Memphis, and city officials announced Tuesday they're taking action to prepare.

The city said crews are inspecting and clearing storm drains, inlets and checking other essential areas to help minimize the potential for street flooding, ahead of the risk of high winds and heavy rain. 

City officials warned that streets sometimes may experience standing water in low-lying areas for a short duration due to drainage systems being overwhelmed by the amount of heavy rainfall. 

If such areas do not drain off quickly, the city wants residents to notify them so they can investigate the concern. 

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They also advise residents to not put loose trash or debris in the street next to the curb or near drains.

Public Works is encouraging residents who’ve had instances of water entering their homes or accumulating on their property to take early measures to prevent or divert water by clearing storm drains near their homes.

The city said crews will not be able to take care of every drain inlet. Clearing gutters, downspouts, and nearby storm drains can help reduce the chance of residential flooding. Storm equipment and personnel will remain on standby to respond to flooding-related emergencies.

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To report power outages, residents should call MLGW at (901) 544-6500. To report downed trees, call 311, and to report downed trees after-hours contact the Office of Emergency Management at (901) 636-2525.

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