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"It’s just touched my heart" | Mid-South healthcare workers thankful for volunteer drivers

Hundreds are benefiting from free rides in the effort spearheaded by those in the Facebook group 'Mid-South Jeeps'.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Even with Memphis area roads covered in snow and ice, a growing number of volunteers are making sure health care workers get to and from work safely.

What began as social media word of mouth is now a critical tool in making sure nurses, technicians, and others can serve their patients, uninterrupted by the winter weather.

"I wouldn’t be able to work this week if it wasn’t for them," Tracie Skelton said.

For the third straight afternoon, Jeeps across the Mid-South ensured health care workers arrived to and from Memphis area hospitals safely, including Skelton.

"It’s just touched my heart. I’m choked up. It’s meant a lot. I live by myself. I have no help, so it’s been great," Skelton said.

Volunteer driver Chris Williams gassed up his tank after finding out about the program on the Facebook group 'Mid-South Jeeps' Monday night.

"It touches my heart. My heart has been full all week. It’s been really nice," Williams said.

The kindness bug spread like wildfire as more Mid-South Jeep drivers joined forces to make sure health care heroes made it to the front lines.

"They need to be at work with their patients, so this is just a great feeling for us," Williams said.

"I've been begging for a ride since five this morning and he's a lifesaver. Oh my gosh, he got to me in five minutes," Rachell Lawson said.

We caught up with Lawson Thursday morning as Williams drove her to Baptist Collierville Hospital.

"There's a relief in knowing that he may come back and pick me up, I can work in peace without any worries," Lawson said.

"It shows a lot of compassion and makes me super excited for Memphis," Brooke Kennon, another health care worker, added.

For Kennon, the volunteer rides were a lifesaver this week, since she can't get her car out of her driveway.

"It's given my family some peace of mind, as well as, you know, giving me peace of mind knowing I can I get there," Kennons aid.

Skelton and others plan to return the favor and give a collective thanks in some form soon.

"We tried to get their Venmo and PayPal and tried to pay them back and they just won’t take it, anything. So we really want to come together as a community and do something for them for doing this," Skelton said.

If you are a health care worker seeking a ride in the Mid-South, you can do so by requesting to join the 'Mid-South Jeeps' Facebook page.

Once accepted by that page's administrators, health care workers can request a ride in their specific area under the 'Announcements' tab.