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Man seen praying from Bible outside Collierville Kroger where mass shooting happened

A woman shared a picture on Facebook of a man praying outside the Kroger.

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A picture of an unidentifiable man praying from the Bible outside the Collierville Kroger where a mass shooting happened is being shared numerous times on Facebook. 

Collierville neighbor Abigail Clark said at first she didn't realize the man had a Bible in his hands. She shared the picture of the man just days after the tragedy that left 15 people shot. 

"It gave me chills," Clark said. "It sent chills down my spine." 

Clark never imagined a horrific mass shooting would affect her community. She lives just minutes from that Kroger and often shops there with her family. 

"It’s still surreal," Clark said. "It doesn’t really feel like that could happen in my little town." 

Through sharing this moment, she hopes others will find strength through this man's faith. 

"That’s just how Collierville is," Clark said. "Something bad happens, there’s always that one thing that inspires. It inspired me." 

Clark shared this picture to show how this small moment of prayer became an act of defiance in the face of hardship. 

"I hope that it gives them hope," Clark said. "Bad things are going to happen regardless. Bad things happen anywhere but there’s always, always that one thing that will give people hope."

For those needing support following this tragedy, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is offering counseling sessions at Collierville's First Baptist Church. 

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