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City of Memphis and MLGW provide update on winter weather and next steps

According to MLGW, there was record breaking damage despite the company's efforts to prepare for harsh weather conditions.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW) and The City of Memphis held a press conference to give an update on how inclement weather has affected the city and to provide next steps. 

According to MLGW, there was record breaking damage despite the company's efforts to prepare for harsh weather conditions.

Here is how the city is planning to move forward. 

Power Outages

A number of 226,000 customers total have been affected by power outages since inclement weather began Thursday, Dec. 22. Power was restored to nearly all customers by Saturday evening, Dec. 24.

MLGW also said they want to make sure customers do not experience similar issues that Texans faced during last year's winter ice storm. 

Rolling Blackouts

According to MLGW, the chances of reinstating rolling blackouts is low, but customers are still urged to continue to conserve energy.

Ways to conserve energy

MLGW advised customers to turn their thermostats down to 68 degrees. 

MLGW also advised customers to hold off on using the dishwasher or from washing clothes. 

According to MLGW's instructions, customers should not run large appliances unless it is absolutely necessary and unless the load is full.

Customers should also turn off lights and unplug household items that are not in use. 

Should MLGW customers still boil water before use?

Along with conserving energy, MLGW said customers should still boil water for three minutes before use or or consumption. 

MLGW said there are currently no problems that have been detected with the city's water supply, but customers should use precaution because water pressure is still low. 

According to reports from MLGW, water pressure dropped below 50 pounds per square inch. MLGW said water pressure is building up again, and the boil water order could be lifted within the next two days.

Warming Centers

According to the city of Memphis, there are two operating warming centers, the Hospitality Hub and the Dave Wells Community Center. The city says both will remain open until further notice.

Hickory Hill warming center experienced power interruptions, and it was moved to the Dave Wells Community Center location. 

MATA will provide transportation to the warming centers. 

For MATA bus schedules, click here

MATA will be operating on a Sunday Schedule until the 26th.

Animal Shelters are full so people are being asked to help shelter their pets and keep animals in place because of the cold temperatures.

Waste Disposal

Solid waste crews were delayed by the weather, but crews are currently working overtime. Crews are expected be be caught up by December 31, the city says.

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