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Heal the Hood Foundation nears end of deliveries for 12 Days of Christmas

“The families have been overjoyed. There’s been a lot of tears. There’s been a lot of smiles," said LaDell Beamon, Heal the Hood Foundation CEO.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Who told you elves had to be short with pointy ears, curly shoes, and a hat? Santa has elves on the ground that look just like you and me. 

These elves have been working tirelessly for Heal the Hood Foundation's 12 Days of Christmas. 

Don't believe Local 24? Ask Heal the Hood's CEO, LaDell Beamon.  

“The families have been overjoyed. There’s been a lot of tears. There’s been a lot of smiles. There’s been a lot of excitement with the kids just being able to see their faces and their eyes dancing around,” said Beamon. 

They've helped about 38 families, thus far. 

They've been collecting gifts and delivering them to local families.  

“Keeping in mind that there are some families with seven kids, five kids, three, four. When you start doing the math, it’s very very amazing that we’re in the hundreds already,” said Beamon. 

They even have reinforcement from elves on South Main. 

South Main Sushi and Grow Memphis Agency started South Main Santa, a collaborative effort of about 12 businesses. 

"In a time where we’re unsure of what’s happening tomorrow, everybody is really focused on receiving. We wanted to create an opportunity for people to give back,” said Corey Owens, Grow Memphis Agency. 

The mission was accomplished.

“We’re here delivering about 50 gifts to Heal the Hood Foundation,” said Lee Vichathee, South Main Sushi. “There was a family of seven that need us. We were able to…with the generous amount of donations that we got, we were able to adopt them as well and put something together for their families.” 

The group has found a brighter side even through a dark time. 

“The pandemic has brought out people’s true intentions. That’s something we were able to see in our community personally and professionally, the intentions of downtown Memphis as a whole,” said Owens. 

Both Heal the Hood Foundation and South Main Santa are spreading love the Memphis way.