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The Ice Storm has passed | How will the freezing temperatures impact our potholes

The Ice Storm of 2023 has passed through the Mid-South. The freezing temperatures and rainfall will have an impact on those pesky potholes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The last week of January and the weather wanted to put on a show for the Mid-South. Freezing rain, sleet and snow falling at times. Around the Mid-South, we collected a quarter of an inch here in Memphis. The ice doesn't just affect the power lines. We can also expect an impact on our roadways. The word that no one wants to hear...potholes. 

How potholes form

Overtime, roads weaken from normal traffic, especially if it is a well traveled highway like a major interstate. When the rainfall begins, rain will seep through cracks and pool underneath the surface of the road. The freezing temperatures cause that water to freeze and expand. When the melting begins, a gap forms in the expansion and a pothole is formed. 

Reporting potholes

So who do you call when you see these potholes? Just call 311 to report the pothole's location.

If it is considered a state-run road in Shelby County - like Poplar, Lamar, and Union Avenues - contact TDOT by filling out the form found HERE.

For state-maintained roads, such as the interstates, TDOT also has a pothole reporting hotline and online reporting methods. That number is 833-TDOTFIX (836-8349).

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